Idris Khan on Human Touch

Idris Khan on Human Touch

“I made a photograph called ‘Numbers’ in 2016. The image was intriguing to me because I used tally marks on a chalk board and kept erasing them over and over again. Almost marking the time whilst the photograph was being made.


Fine Cell Work Sotheby's Auction Idris Khan

There is a long history and images of tally marks made in prison to mark the length of time someone is in a cell. I really thought it was an exciting idea to make a stitched relic to represent the time it took Ben in his cell to make the artwork. I believe it took him 180 hours to stitch on top of the screen-printed fabric. In the end we are looking at one thing; time.

Fine Cell Work is an exceptional charity and it was a pleasure to make this work with Ben.”

- Idris Khan

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