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Our community of supporters all share one vision – to create a world where rehabilitation - and therefore a reduction in reoffending - is possible.

Why are gifts in wills so important to Fine Cell Work?


Writing a will is a very personal act, one which considers those that matter most to you. But a gift in your will is one of the most powerful ways that you can help us make a difference. By doing so, you can ensure that we support more people and address the lack of rehabilitation in prisons and in the community. A charity's income from fundraising and sales can fluctuate in any given year. A legacy gift gives us financial certainty and confidence as we continue to expand our services and grow our organisation, without worrying about costs.


What type of gifts can you pledge in your will?


Residuary – a share, or sometimes all, of an estate after all the payments have been made.


Pecuniary – a specific sum of money.


Specific gifts – a particular item, such as property, shares, jewellery or antiques.


Including a gift in your will is simple, but for your own peace of mind, we always suggest that you use a qualified solicitor or will writing service to make sure all of the legal aspects of your will have been covered.


Your solicitor or professional will writing provider will these need these details to ensure your gift reaches us:


Charity name: Fine Cell Work

Charity address: 190 Queenstown Road London SW8 3NR

Charity number: 1049095 (England and Wales)


This commitment, and the invaluable funds you can contribute through a gift in your will, will transform lives, one by one, and have a positive impact on the individual, local communities, wider society and the economy.


To learn more about leaving a legacy, please contact Vani Krishnaswamy at

Our mother, Lady Anne Tree, often used to joke that her sister, Elizabeth Cavendish, who was a magistrate, sent prisoners down, while she, Anne, tried her best to make their lives better when they got there. But there was a strong sympathy between the two sisters.


Both were astonishingly empathetic and compassionate – as well as wonderfully creative and passionate about making things, including tapestry and patchwork quilts. Elizabeth was a huge supporter of Fine Cell Work and so admiring of what the charity achieved, and the beauty of the needlework it produces.


It was no surprise to us that she left a legacy to FCW in her will and, as executors, we were delighted to carry out her wishes, especially given the fortuitous timing, coming as it did just before COVID. We’re so thrilled it put some fuel in FCW’s tank at a critical moment and to see the charity moving forward, as vigorous, determined and transformative as ever.’

Fine Cell Work founder, Lady Anne Tree's daughter, Isabella Tree

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