Andy's role in The Artists (2019)

Andy's role in The Artists (2019)

 “I always feel very honoured to be chosen for special work - it’s nice to have variety and challenge myself to learn new methods of stitching.

This commission was something special, mounted on a large frame, with two layers of fabric together. I did feel a little nervous to begin with and add to that more nerves from using a new technique of sewing (laid work). I wanted to do a good job.

Once I began the nerves faded and I became confident - so long as I ensured the quality is good! It was nice to use the large frame which was something new.  I had it tied up to my wall cupboard so it was elevated at 45° - one side resting on my bed, the other on my table. The set up worked first time, which I was chuffed about - although I had to use a banana as a wedge to stop the frame leg slipping on the table! 

Fine Cell Work has helped me use time productively and positively. It's been a financial crutch and overall Fine Cell Work has been a cornerstone of my time in prison. I’ve made nice gifts for family and friends and I always put full effort into the work produced. The design and colours on this piece were a bit weird but in art anything goes!

I’d like people to know that I have tried to produce the best work I can. I think I know I’ve done that when afterwards I do not think it could be improved if it was done again. Thank you for the opportunity to stitch this piece.”

- Andy, Fine Cell Work stitcher

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