How To... Chain Stitch

How To... Chain Stitch

Learn how to hand-embroider by joining Fine Cell Work's new Virtual Stitch Club.

Second in our series is how to do a Chain Stitch. Perfect for beginners, we'd love to see you share your stitching on Instagram @finecellwork with #virtualstitchclub.

Our resident stitch expert, Wendy Cramer, will be on hand every Friday from 2pm to answer your stitching questions. 



Follow our instructions as you watch:

  • Pull your needle through to the front of the cloth
  • Place it back where you just came out
  • Before you pull it all the way through, make sure you can see a loop
  • Insert the needle (from the back) a little further along your line
  • Pull it through
  • You have caught the loop, and made a chain
  • Pull it gently so that it lies flat against the cloth
  • To make your second stitch go back in where your needle came out making sure it is inside the chain you just made
  • Pull your needle back in, making sure you can still see a loop
  • Bring your needle up further along the line you are stitching
  • Pull it gently flat
  • To finish off your work, catch your last loop by taking your needle and making a tiny stitch through from the front to the back

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