Winnie - a stitcher's view

Winnie - a stitcher's view

"Stitching a piece for Fine Cell Work is an art. It is the best way to express and process feelings for me – be they good feelings, like love or inspiration, or sad feelings, like broken heart and loneliness. Feelings overflow me, and stitching allows me to unload my heart and soul and help my mind to process my emotions. Stitching is like a workout for mind and soul – and, like after a regular workout, after making art, you feel tired, but happy and healthy!

Fine Cell Work Sotheby's Auction Annie Morris

I feel very proud and humble when I have finished my pieces. I would tell anyone who is bidding at auction to go for it as a lot of love and affection has gone into the pieces. Fine Cell Work means the world to me. It has allowed me to get through a very bad time of my life and has given me the motivation and determination to look forward to the future and make a difference to my life."

- Winnie, Fine Cell Work stitcher


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