Annie Morris on Human Touch

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Annie Morris on Human Touch

“All my life I’ve been drawing on every surface. I don’t want to be confined by paper or canvas. I like to bring the domestic into something which can exist as a piece of art that can be used daily. The sofa in my living room is covered with sewn drawings, my bed has line drawings all over it and my kids also sleep in my embroidered duvet covers and painted bed. 


Fine Cell Work Annie Morris Hope From a Thin Line Chaise Longue


I’ve always really loved what Fine Cell Work do and it was a pleasure to collaborate with them.

For this piece, I made individual drawings on sections of fabric and they were sent to various prisons in the country to be sewn by prisoners who did an incredible job. After getting them all back I created the composition around every inch of the chaise longue. Unfortunately, now I don’t think anyone should sit on it!”

- Annie Morris

Fine Cell Work Human Touch Exhibition Sothebys

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    What a fantastic project! Thank you to the artists and stitchers for creating such beautiful, and powerful, items, designed and made with love and commitment.

    I am currently stitching the Left Facing Blue Duck (second time around, the first one went to my mother) and I am in awe of your stitchers work.

    I hope you have a very successful auction,

    Kind regards,


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