About the designer

Joy of Print

Joy of Print is a West London studio specialising in surface print design. They create designs to commission and also have their own distinctive portfolio of patterns which they share in collaboration with like-minded companies.

The business is made up of a small, highly-experienced design team led by founder Cath Kidston Padgham MBE.

They specialise in original hand-drawn patterns, inspired by traditional print with a contemporary handwriting and colour palette.

Founded in 2017 their work to date has included strategy and prints for international fashion companies as well as smaller collaborations in homewares and charitable projects.


Support our work

By purchasing from Fine Cell Work, you are making social change. However, 75% of our rehabilitation programmes are funded through donations and grants. We know that transformation is possible - for our stitchers, for our communities, and for our society as a whole. Your support - through donations or by purchasing products - will help to break the devastating cycle of reoffending and repeated imprisonment.

£10 donation
Provides a prisoner with the materials for one tapestry cushion (100 hours of creative activity). 

£20 donation
Will enable us to continue providing paid, creative and productive work to even more prisoners around the UK, helping them to build a brighter future.

£50 donation
Sponsors a prisoner to train as a volunteer 'class coordinator', teaching and mentoring other prisoners.

£250 donation
Covers the volunteer costs of a stitching class in prison.

£500 donation
Pays for the training, materials and support for one prisoner for an entire year, helping them to rebuild a meaningful, independent,crime-free life.

By giving prisoners hope that transformation is truly possible, they can envision a meaningful life after release. But nobody tells the story of how Fine Cell Work has helped them better than the prisoners themselves:

“Stitching allows me to use a totally different part of my brain and personality. I can move away from the more difficult reflections and anxieties and feel creative and purposeful. This means I no longer feel that my life has come to a halt and that I am of no use to anyone else.”

- Tom, FCW Stitcher -

Customer Reviews

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Camilla Lister

I love these cushions. They are so immaculately crafted. And the design is beautiful. Thank you

roma hooper

As ever, Fine Cell, never disappoint. Beautiful and original and I would choose again.