Fine Cell Work and St Marys Welwyn Church

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Fine Cell Work and St Marys Welwyn Church

Fine Cell Work collaborated with St Marys Welwyn Church for a special commission which was completed at the end of 2021.
Eight separate pieces were created for St Mary’s Welwyn Church, including an altar frontal, chasuble and stole. The designs symbolised the seasons with a golden tree as the central piece. 
The project was all hands-on deck with a tight turn around for completion. Fine Cell Work’s apprentices Jon and Sonia played an important part in the creation of the pieces.
I felt really honoured to be trusted and included on this commission, I loved the freedom of this project, it really emulated how I feel. In prison you have no freedom but the freedom of this project allowed me to create something with my personal touch. I really felt that I put myself into this” Sonia said.
“Fine Cell Work means everything to me, it’s my London family” Sonia continued. “The Hub is the first place where I had contact with others, everyone is always so sweet and welcoming. I also had my first Christmas in London at The Hub and that was really special.”
“The volunteers are really nice and there’s lots of respect. Everyone is positive with a lot of compassion. I love arts and crafts and I am hoping to go in a direction where I can pursue arts and crafts. At Fine Cell Work everyone is creating all the time, and the creativity expands my mind!”

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