Fine Cell Work Stitcher Awards 2023

Fine Cell Work Stitcher Awards 2023

As the year draws to a close, it's the perfect time to reflect on our achievements - and those of Fine Cell Work’s stitchers.

In 2023 we gave out 206 Stitcher Awards and bonuses to our stitchers across multiple categories - this is a huge increase from the 119 given in 2022. Most stitchers are nominated by the volunteers who support and train them within prisons, and then our judging panel selects the stitchers who will receive the highest awards.

The Stitcher Awards are a way of making our stitchers feel appreciated, whilst also giving them additional financial funds in time for the Christmas period. This year, our awards were generously funded by The Brothers Trust, an organisation that supports charities that struggle to be heard. 

Of particular note this year, we gave out 57 Progress Awards (almost double the 30 awarded last year), which is likely due to the high number of new stitchers we have working on their skills. We also gave out 10 Outstanding Contribution Awards, far more than usual, to stitchers who have worked particularly hard on multiple key commissions this year.

We introduced a new award, the Production Commendation, to reward stitchers who were not nominated by volunteers, but produced eight or more Fine Cell Work kits over the last year.

Additionally, we gave a one-time bonus to stitchers in four groups that have either not re-grouped since lockdown or been sporadic in their running, in order to thank them for their loyalty and continued commitment to Fine Cell Work.


Feedback from some of our award recipients:

“When I read the nomination, the lovely words brought a tear to my eye, and I shared them with my family.”

“It has been a privilege to work on the commission kits this year. Working for Fine Cell has helped me and my family, so I would like to say a huge thank you to you all.”

“The certificate and letter, which has wonderfully positive comments in it, arrived in the midst of a particularly difficult period for me here, and have shown light in a time of darkness. Fine Cell has done that so many times. Stitching has been a very positive part of my sentence.”


The full list of awards is as follows:

Gold Standard Award for our most outstanding stitchers who have shown they can produce complex commissions to deadlines, working quickly and reliably to a very high standard, demonstrating the ability to adapt to new techniques.

Volunteering and Leadership Award for prisoners who have shown leadership and commitment in acting as Class Coordinators or Peer Mentors.

Progress Award for stitchers who have shown real progress in developing new skills and confidence. They may have experienced, or still be experiencing, considerable difficulties, but have still shown determination to surmount difficulties.

Excellence in Lone Stitching Award given to stitchers who have worked independently of cell groups, with dedication and commitment.

Fine Cell Work Quilting Award for stitchers who have produced quilts to a consistently high standard, showing initiative and creativity.

George Gater Award for overcoming personal challenges and showing perseverance.

Outstanding Contribution to Fine Cell Work for stitchers who are champions of Fine Cell Work within their prison and/or stitchers who have worked very competently and quickly to deadlines when something is needed particularly urgently, or to finish pieces for the commissions team.

Production Commendation Award to reward stitchers who were not nominated by volunteers, but produced eight or more Fine Cell Work kits over the last year.


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