Carolina Mazzolari on Human Touch

Carolina Mazzolari on Human Touch

“I believe there is nothing more powerful than creativity to help a soul recuperate. All the hard work and the challenges presented by craftsmanship are translated into a beautiful artwork or object.

To complete a difficult task, learning patience along the way, and to make something entirely using your own hands - or in collaboration with someone that you potentially admire - is deeply therapeutic. It enables one to see positive aspects of oneself and encourages them to cultivate that positive aspect with a desire to do it again and improve upon it.

Although the stitchers and I never met in person, I feel that we met through our craftsmanship, and our ideas. We met in the line of thought.

Fine Cell Work Carolina Mazzolari Void 2019

The stitcher has used thick wool threads but it is so well interpreted that it looks like liquid or something melting. Originally, I had planned to add to it but I was very impressed with what they had done, so I decided to let that area be the main embroidery. I finished the work myself with a pen instead.

I have been so enriched by the whole collaborative process with Fine Cell Work and by the resulting work.”

- Carolina Mazzolari


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