Become a Fine Cell Work Champion October 15, 2018 16:36

Become a Fine Cell Work champion with a monthly donation, and help us to provide paid, creative and productive work to even more prisoners around the country. Learning to stitch improves prisoners mental health, allows them to acquire skills, builds confidence, pride and self-worth and encourages them to live fulfilling, crime-free lives. 

Please email Katie S or Rosie S at or call us on 0207 931 9998 to set up your standing order and become a Fine Cell Work Champion.

“Stitching gives me time to be quiet and contemplate on the days' events, clearing my head and making me much happier and more confident as a result. It is a creative way of passing the time and the added bonus of being paid for my work means I can save for the future.”
– FCW stitcher

Become a Fine Cell Work Champion