A Very Fine Gift Guide - Part One

Need a little help deciding what to buy for everyone on your list? Our staff and apprentices have chosen their favourite Fine Cell Work products - from exquisitely embroidered table linens and luxury handmade decorations, to intricately stitched cushions, footstools and more.

You can also discover our volunteer & trustees' gift picks below.

Victoria, Executive Director

Christmas Mistletoe & Wreath Linen Table Napkins, £85

"These are particularly special as they were designed by a very talented Fine Cell Work stitcher to become a great Christmas favourite with our current stitchers - a true Fine Cell Work!"
Mariana, Financial Director

Hand-Embroidered Wedding Toast Cushion, £85

"This beautiful hand-embroidered cushion is not just for weddings! It is the perfect gift to celebrate friendship and hospitality."
Lara, Open The Gate Apprentice

Bee Needlepoint Needle Case, £15

"It's a fun design to stitch, and a luxury product at an accessible price. It’s a product that means you can take a little bit of Fine Cell with you wherever you go to encourage your creative side, or to gift to a sewer."
Paul, Open The Gate Apprentice

Horace the Snowman Needlepoint Decoration, £22

"I love the blue background colour of this handmade decoration - it's a traditional Christmas design."
Kitty, Production Manager

Studio Ashby Californian Poppies Cushion, £300

"I love the Poppies cushion. Featuring over 30 different coloured threads, it is bold and beautiful and one of our most complex designs, stitched by our most skilled stitchers.

It reminds me of a stitcher's journey with us and how dedicated and capable they have been to progress to this point with Fine Cell Work."
Jamie, Open The Gate Apprentice

Hipster Santa Handmade Christmas Decoration, £28

"I chose Hipster Santa with his big white beard because he reminds me of my dad."
Vani, Development Manager

London College of Fashion Embroidered Hands Cushion, £90

"Every single product is unique as they are handmade by individuals, but the Hands Cushion is extra-special as it gives the stitcher the creative freedom to choose their own stitches and colours from a selection.

It ticks many Fine Cell Work boxes as it is designed in partnership, made with originality and freedom, demonstrates skill and can even be made to gain an Open College Network qualification. Add to that the wonderful colours and variety of stitches and you have the perfect gift, I think!"
Jonny, Events & Fundraising Officer

Studio Ashby Carp Cushion, £180

"I love the intricately-stitched fish of the Carp Cushion, and the way they contrast against the beautiful blue background. It reminds me of a Japanese garden."
Gloria, Volunteer & Programmes Manager and LJ, Apprentice

Hand Embroidered Prison Calendar Bookmark, £20

Gloria says, "It's my favourite bookmark, and it is a nice gift for any avid reader - like me!"

LJ says: "I like the simplicity of this product and think it is elegant and beautifully stitched."
Roland, Open The Gate Apprentice

Landmarks Tower Bridge Needlepoint Cushion, £115

"I've liked Tower Bridge since I was a kid. It's a great gift as when it goes on the sofa, it will remind the person of me each time they see it. Plus, it can be used year after year."
Lara and LJ, Open The Gate Apprentices

Geometric Needlepoint Footstool, £180

"A fantastic heirloom gift, it can be handed down through generations because of how well they are made. The stitchers are given free rein in terms of the colours they use, so each one is unique. Stitched in prison and then made into stools by Open The Gate apprentices, it encompasses all that Fine Cell Work is and does."
Helsio, Tech & Sales Lead

Nanouk the Polar Bear Handmade Christmas Decoration, £25

"I love the Polar Bear Decorations. They are all unique in their own way, from the placement of the nose and eyes, to their facial expressions.

It's wonderful to look for one whose personality matches the person you are gifting it to, because we all know someone who is sometimes a grumpy bear."
Lola, Production Coordinator

Susanna Paisley Fern Cushion, £190

"I just simply love the colours of this cushion and the variety of stitches used in the fern motif is beautiful and impressive."
Raj, Open The Gate Apprentice

Personalised Heart & Birds Hand-Embroidered Cushion, £125

"It's so beautiful, one of my favourites. People take time to stitch so beautifully. You can personalise it with hand-stitched names or a message too."
Jordanne, Workshop Manager and Chris, Open The Gate Apprentice

Handmade Wheelbarrow Book Cover, £25

Jordanne says: "I love the Wheelbarrow Book Cover and use mine everyday at work. I replace the notebook inside when needed and think it would be a great gift for the note taker!"

Chris says: "It's very versatile, long-lasting, and can be personalised to make a unique gift."
Charlotte, Design & Commissions Specialist

Folklore Embroidered Cushion, £90

"Each Folklore Cushion is unique as the stitchers have creative licence over the colour combinations they use, which means each front that comes back is one of a kind. There's something fun, creative and vibrant about the design that I love, and the stitches are so detailed."
Elinor, Programmes Coordinator

Gerry the Gingerbread Christmas Decoration, £22

"Gerry is very cute and the stitching is really delicate. My mum gave me one for my birthday last year - I asked her to buy it for me!"
Rachel, Director of Programmes

Animaux Hand-Embroidered Male Swallow Cushion, £275

"He's proud of his uniqueness - he has real personality."
Mary, Engagement & Support Officer

Handmade Christmas Pudding Decoration, £18

"It's just so cute! I bought it for my mum last year and she styled the Christmas tree around it."
Katy, Founding Director

Geometric Needlepoint Cushion, £125

"This is our oldest design, given to us by our very first volunteer. Each square is unique. Stitchers can choose their own colour and each one represents the individuality of hundreds of people in their cells."
Jess, eCommerce & Marketing Manager

Mimosa Embroidered Lavender Bag, £20

"I adore the floral embroidery of this design - especially the delicate French knots.

I have a large collection of woollen knitwear, so lavender bags are an essential tool in my fight against hungry moths."
Kate, Stitch Specialist

Pineapple Embroidered Cushion Cushion, £180

"The contrast of the different stitches gives a real spiky texture to the pineapple and shows hand embroidery at its best. And the joyful colours remind me that the dull, grey winter will end one day!."