Kit Kemp's Tapestry of Redemption Quilt

Kit Kemp's Tapestry of Redemption Quilt

The Tapestry of Redemption Quilt is a wonderful, physical representation of all that Fine Cell Work is and does, bringing together in-cell stitchers, post release apprentices, Trustees, volunteers and staff.

Conceived by long-time supporter and Trustee of Fine Cell Work, Kit Kemp, the quilt is comprised of panels from her Hedgerow fabric. The patchwork-style motif, woven from a traditional cotton twill, is inspired by a collection of Late Medieval tapestries, features magical creatures hiding amongst abundant fruit trees.

Each panel has been embellished by stitchers in prison cells, before being pieced together in our post-release Hub in Battersea. Kit visited Fine Cell Work's workshop to meet the team of staff, volunteers and apprentices who would be working on the project, and discussed the stitching elements that would best suit the quilt.

Stitching volunteer Catherine worked with apprentices to carefully pieced together the Hedgerow panels, framing them with Kit's Peace and Love linen fabric. After completing the machine-stitched elements, the quilt was passed into the hands of an apprentice skilled in hand-quilting. 

"The quilt has been a pleasure to work on, as well as a challenge. Accurate measuring was essential to ensure the beautifully-stitched panels were perfectly aligned, skillful machine-work to join them, and the final stage is now underway, the quilting of all the layers together bringing texture and life to the work. Apprentices and volunteers have together explored the best way to complete each step, learning from each other along the way."
Catherine, Fine Cell Work volunteer

The finished quilt, an exquisite piece fittingly named The Tapestry of Redemption, now hangs with pride in Firmdale Hotels' Warren Street Hotel in New York. A testament to the transformative power of art and the profound impact of collaboration, it is a narrative of empowerment, redemption and beauty that transcends walls and boundaries.

You can purchase Kit Kemp's Hedgerow Cushions design on the Fine Cell Work website, where you can also explore more of her designs, each one skilfully produced by our stitchers.


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