Geometric Footstool Purple and Green

Geometric Footstool Purple and Green


Add a splash of colour to any room with one of our geometric needlepoint footstools, perfect for putting your feet up or even using as a children's seat.

Every footstool has it's own story to tell - not only is each a complete one-off, but it also marks a milestone in our stitchers progress as it is the first large needlepoint item they are given to stitch.

Each stitcher is given free reign within a grid template to hand-stitch their own geometric designs and use the colours provided in a way that inspires them. Then our skilled apprentices in Battersea's Fine Works Hub expertly use traditional upholstery techniques to handcraft these needlepoint footstools.

  • Approx size: 12-13 inches square / 30-33cm
  • Approx height 22-24cm.
  • Needlepoint in wool.
  • Designer: Tricia Pink

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