Care for your Cushions

If looked after properly your Fine Cell Work cushion will bring joy to many future generations. However, fabric items are susceptible to many dangers and these need to be avoided, if kept in an ambient and stable environment your heirloom item will be as bright and vibrant in fifty years as it is today.

The sun is the greatest enemy of dyes, causing bleaching and sometimes rotting. All items, including rugs, should be kept out of direct sunlight. If you are out during the day, or are going to be away for any length of time, close curtains or blinds.

Damp is damaging and damp stains can be difficult to remove. Make sure the room is well ventilated and if you are going to be away for an extended period, and the house will be vacant and unheated, wrap fabric items in acid free tissue and store them in a sealed box, case or drawer.

Moths are a nightmare, once you have an infestation the only real way to kill the eggs is to freeze them. Place items in zip lock plastic bags and put in your domestic freezer for around 48 hours. It is the newly hatched moth larvae that eat fine fabric so use a deterrent to keep them away. Look for a natural product that does not contain any harsh chemicals that may damage your fabrics. We recommend Mrs White’s Moth Off.

Pets and children are an obvious threat, the simplest solution is to limit contact as cats will scratch and children will spill things. Deal with any spillages immediately by dabbing off with a dry cloth, do not spread the stain with the addition of more water and seek expert advice. Do not use any solvents that might damage the material without consulting a professional. Salt placed on dark stains such as red wine and coffee will help draw out the liquid and will not damage the fabric. The CarPet pet hair remover is non abrasive and effective.

Maintain a smoke free environment, the smell of stale cigarette smoke is hard to remove and yellow nicotine stains and greasy tar deposits are impossible to remove. 

Generally your cushion should require nothing more than a severe plumping in the open air to remove dust and other detritus.